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taekwon do

Taekwon Do (traditional) in Tabua, Coimbra

Taekwon Do is an ancient martial art, also known as Korean karate, characterised by its dynamism and powerful kicks.

The regular practice of this martial art allows the development of strong physical fitness and great elasticity. It can be trained from an early age (7 years) to an advanced age. The body becomes strengthened, flexible, and the mind open. Its practice also benefits those who are studying because it develops the capacity for concentration and coordination.

The term "Do" means the path of the teachings of Confucianism and Buddhism, while "Tae" means action with the foot / leg and "Kwon" action with the hand / arm.

Trainers: Grandmaster Sahbum-Nim Bernd, Master Kyosa-Nim Martina and Instructor Sonbae-Nim Marco.