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Kung Fu - Wing Tsun Flow in Tabua, Coimbra

Wing Tsun, often referred to as Wing Chun, Wing Tsun Dao and even Ving Chun is a martial art of Chinese origin that teaches you to systematically avoid any attack, learning not to fight against force by force.

Designed to allow a weaker practitioner to overcome a stronger opponent in this smooth-style martial art, the practitioner learns to move his body mechanically, redirecting the strength of the opponent, which allows him to prevent an attack without having to know when or where it is headed.

This system is ideal for situations of self-defense, and is in constant evolution, that is, it is being studied and improved according to the world in which we live.

Contrasting with other martial arts, Wing Tsun does not teach "techniques", but only four principles of struggle and strength that must always be followed.

An important factor is self-assertion and self-defense, based on the principles of Taoism.

Instructor: Sifu Bernd.